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In Urban Dance Network, your dance becomes a legacy, telling the profound and beautiful story of our history. Become a part of our mission to preserve and cherish the culture we hold dear.

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Join us to celebrate the soul of dance, where Rhythm and Heritage meet in perfect harmony!

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Urban Dance Network, is more than a website; we are a global community united by the heartbeat of dance, celebrating the rich heritage of social partner dance styles born in Black communities across the United States. Our mission is to provide a vibrant and culturally rich space where dancers from all backgrounds can come together, learn, share, and preserve the history, artistry, and traditions of these iconic dance forms.


We are committed to nurturing a diverse family of dancers, fostering connections that transcend borders, while creating a dynamic platform for learning and growth. Through comprehensive historical insights, high-quality online lessons, exclusive media content, and a supportive community, we aim to empower every member to embrace the beauty and depth of these dance styles.


Our dedication to cultural preservation and advocacy shines through as we advocate for the recognition and appreciation of these dances within the broader cultural landscape. We celebrate each member’s unique journey and provide a safe, respectful, and positive environment where dance lovers of all levels can find their rhythm and make lasting connections.


Welcome to Urban Dance Network, where culture, history, and dance unite to create a harmonious and vibrant tapestry of movement and music. Join us in celebrating, preserving, and sharing the joy of dance. Together, we’ll dance, learn, grow, and make history come alive with every step.

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